WP6 – Dissemination

Synthesis and Dissemination for industry and policy impact
This work package aims to widely and effectively disseminate the activities and results of the project to stakeholders and the public. It also will produce documents for decision makers providing important information on the developments of the project.

  • Produce an agreed Dissemination and Communications Plan
  • Disseminate the findings of the project widely to stakeholders, including scientific dissemination
  • Ensure the transferability of the results to other regions and the post-project life of the results

Produce dissemination & communication plan for attracting and maintaining appropriate media attention. This will include corporate design and materials for presentation of FASTFORESTS and the project activities.

The project will develop and maintain an interactive, tri-lingual (EN, FR, DE) website, this will be used to present the project to a wide audience and house the draft roundwood characterization system. Dissemination of the project will include printed material: brochures & posters: general project description on the benefits of intensively managed forests; project flyer, roll-up banner and identity brochure. Articles for professional journals will reach out to stakeholders and a final workshop will be organized in 2017 to discuss and disseminate the findings of the project.