WP1 – Project Management

This is led by UCD. The main aim here is to ensure the smooth running of the project.

  • Provide guidance and leadership (correspondence, documented decisions at meetings) on the main activities and goals of the project, and the procedures necessary to achieve them in a rational and effective way.
  • Provide and implement a clear operating environment for the participants, stipulating the obligations and expectations of, and procedures to be adhered to by each partner.
  • Manage all finances and ensure the internal financial integrity of the project.
  • Monitor and evaluate continuously the project progress and to implement the necessary measures and required contingencies to meet the project objectives.

FastForests Partner Diagram

Figure 1. The relationship among the project main areas of work (workpackages), also showing the flow of information from the project to target end users.

This is a three year project, starting in June 2014 and due for completion in May 2017. figure 2 below indicates the timeline of the project and the relative timing of each workplace.

FastForests gantt chart

Figure 2. Gantt chart of the entire project.