FVA, Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg

The Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg is one of the research facilities of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. It supports the forest and timber industry, securing the utilisation, protection and recreation aspects of the forest. The FVA contributes thus to the maintenance of the Forest Service’s expertise and competence. It also guarantees sustainable forestry on the basis of national and international obligations, which is valid for the entire forest area and for all forest functions. The research of the Department of Forest Utilisation at FVA focuses on the interface between forest production and wood based industry. The department’s main research fields focus on “roundwood and sawn timber quality”, “grading standards” for logs, measurement systems for logs at road side and at the mill gate, and harvesting systems and logistics, beside others.

Website of the unit: http://www.fva-bw.de/fva/abt.php?abt=wn

Fastforest Staff Profiles

Franka Brüchert

Franka Brüchert is deputy head of the Department of Forest Utilisation. She has a strong expertise in wood quality assessment, in particular on the effect of silvicultural management on relevant quality features of roundwood on the final timber product.

Website: Franka Brüchert

Rafael Baumgartner

Rafael Baumgartner has a Diplom degree (MSc) in Computer Science from University of Freiburg. He has a expertise in pattern recognition and image analysis, CT technology, wood quality and virtual sawing simulation.