Welcome to the website of the Fastforests project. Fastforests is a multi-partner research project supported by the governments of Ireland, France and Germany and by the European Commission under the ERA Net plus programme.

The project aims to investigate the impacts of even-aged forest management on wood production and timber quality in the context of sustainable intensification of forest management and climate change.

This project aims will be explored over three years with the following steps:

  • Identify ways to ensure the quantity of future wood supply from the forest under a changing climate, by the use of adapted tree species and provenances grown under sustainable management systems. This will be done by modelling approaches using (existing) forest growth simulations parametrised with variables describing the newly identified forest management approaches in this project.
  • Generic raw material allocation approaches will be developed to show how, efficiency in production of the wood-based industry can be increased by adapting raw material intake. The utilisation of the forecasted limited wood resource will be improved as the raw material will meet the industrial requirements for processing, increasing efficiency in production and reducing waste thereby improving the economic value of the wood.
  • Trees that grow more rapidly will sequester carbon more quickly, helping to offset the effect of climate change. The new approaches developed in this project of wood production in intensively managed forests and raw material allocation will be assessed against societal perception of the threat of climate change, society’s ecological demands (e.g. biodiversity), sustainability and recreational value, the need to sequester carbon in forests and wood products and to identify means to improve social acceptance of intensively managed forests.